Decocraft Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10

Decorating the inside of your home is mandatory in Minecraft if you want to stand out and just enjoy your time while you’re not adventuring on a multiplayer server. The Decocraft Mod helps you with that by adding in a multitude of props to the game in order to offer it more life.


From furniture to beer kegs and silverware, all of these and so much more are a great part of Decocraft and you should totally check it out because of that. It’s the mod you need if you want a lot more variety in Minecraft, and rest assured that it’s well worth it.

Decocraft adds in the idea of crafting clay which does offer quite a lot of interesting ideas to the table. This way you can create props for cinematic purposes. All these tangible, visible entities that you want to have when you create a movie and decorate a Minecraft home, all of them are yours thanks to this mod.


Installing the mod is easy as long as you use the Forge and it’s quite interesting to see how many objects based of clay you can add in the game. Of course, these tend to break easier when compared to other items in Minecraft, but on the other hand the decorative possibilities are endless. That’s why you should place them out of reach if you want to keep them safe and have fun with them.

As a whole, Decocraft is an exciting and fun mod to use if you are a fan of decorations and customizations. Thanks to the addition of clay based manufacturing in the game, you get the option to design a variety of props so you should totally check it out if you need decorations in your Minecraft experience.

Decocraft Mod Download