Herobrine Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10

Herobrine is a near mythical creature that randomly spawns in the Minecraft world. Users have discussed his existence on forums for years, and now you can see him for yourself. This mod ensures that he appears from time to time, or alternatively, lets you conjure him using a special totem pole. The mod adds a fun, mystical element to the game that vanilla gameplay often lacks.


Easy to use

The Herobrine mod is easy to use, and doesn’t demand too much skill. To create the totem pole, you bring bones and soulsand to the crafting table. Once you’ve created a bone block, you then stack it on top of two gold blocks, with a netherrack to top it off. Your next step is to set fire to the netherrack, and watch as the Herobrine himself appears to wreak havoc on your kingdom.

To deactivate the totem pole, you simply remove the fire or a gold block. This helps limit the amount of Herobrines you conjure up, and you should remember to choose this if you’re struggling to limit the damage.

An exciting ride

Spawned Herobrines are more problematic than friendly, but their volatility can add a lot of fun and interest to your game. One or multiple Herobrines may attack you and your area, and threaten to destroy your Minecraft world, as well as your character.


The real fun is attempting to retain or minimize the destruction, as well as kill the Herobrine. This can prove limitlessly entertaining, although you should ensure that you save your game before conjuring a Herobrine to avoid permanent damage, as the possibility of destruction is very real.

A fun addition

Although risky, the Herobrine mod generates lots of fun and adventure for players. Attempting to kill such a destructive character is the most entertaining part of this mod. As far as mods go, this one is compatible with most others, so it shouldn’t create any undue lags. The newest version has fixed most bugs, and also added new features, although it’s worth checking for any updates in the future.

The only prerequisite for Herobrine is that you download and install Minecraft forge. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be able to unzip your download, and drag the .jar file into your Minecraft mods folder. The mod should activate upon launching your chosen Minecraft server.

Remember to save your world periodically during gameplay, and to back it up well before beginning, to ensure that if the Herobrine does appear or you do successfully conjure him- then you won’t be undoing hours of work. Also, ensure that you’re always wary, as the mod can create random generations in addition to voluntary conjurings.

Download Herobrine Mod for Minecraft