Hexxit Modpack Download

Hexxit is the well-known and loved mod pack that features over 50 different mods to give players the best adventure experience it can; adventure is the focus of this mod pack and it changes the world into the style of Dungeons and Dragons or similar adventure games.


One of the great things about this pack is that it can be launched through the Technic launcher and as a result, the player can select which mods they want to actively use in their game. It’s really handy for weaker machines and allows players to customize their experience with the pack.

There are a wide variety of mods in this pack including major and minor mods which are incredibly useful; the pack includes the Not Enough Items mod which allows user to see the crafting recipes for all of the items they want to make, this mod is immensely useful as  it works with the modpack and allows players to look up the crafting recipes for modded items.

One of the more popular major mods in the pack is Twilight Forest; this large mod adds a brand new realm to Minecraft, it has a variety of biomes and is filled with both friendly and hostile mobs. This isn’t the only new world however as the pack also includes Dimensional Doors, a mod that allows the player to open gates to new dimensions and visit strange worlds. If the new world seem too complex then there is also ExtrabiomesXL which adds a huge list of new biomes to the overworld; there is a lot of new world content in this pack to explore and the pack also lets the player select which one(s) they want to play with in their game.


It also includes the classic Tinkers Construct which makes tools much more interesting and realistic; this can be a difficult mod to learn however so it’s great the Hexxit pack allows the player to de-select this mod from the launch list. This mod has been included in several modpacks for a reason, it’s a highly detailed and well designed mod.

There are other mods included such as Rotten Flesh to Leather, Bibliocraft, Better Dungeons, Backpacks and Armor Bar which all make the game feel more like a RPG than a standard minecraft realm. The mods in the Hexxit pack are there for a reason, they all make sense and combined they  turn Minecraft into a great RPG that can be modified to suit the player.

The Hexxit modpack is a content filled dream for RPG lovers and can be a great addition to servers; the pack is easy to install through the Technic Launcher and can be modified to suit the needs of the player.

Hexxit Modpack Download