How to Install Minecraft Forge Mod Loader

Minecraft Forge is the ultimate way you can use in order to install Minecraft mods and it helps you boost your experience to new heights because of that. It allows you to access a simpler and fun way to gain access to all the desired mods and it’s also created with high quality in mind.


The reason why you should install the Minecraft Forge is that this tool helps you gain access to the mods you want faster not to mention that you can also manage them with complete precision to say the least.

Installing the Minecraft Forge for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9/1.8/1.7.10 is also quite easy, but if you have trouble doing so, here is a complete guide to help you in this regard:

• First, install and run Minecraft because you just can’t install the Forge any other way
• Visit the website and download the latest version from here, it’s important to get the latest version because it will contain bug fixes and other important security fixes.
• Once you download the Minecraft Forge, install the client. Some of the libraries will be downloaded so please have patience as your computer will complete the task
• After you completed the Minecraft Forge installation, start Minecraft. You will need to click on the Profile menu in the launcher and then select the Forge profile which was created during the installation. Then you can click play.
• If you want to install the server, choose the option to install server from the installer and create a dedicated server folder where it will add in the files. Once the task is complete, add the mods you want.