How to Install Minecraft Mods

One thing to note about the Minecraft Forge is that not only does it allow you to manage Minecraft mods with ease, it also helps you install as well as remove them whenever you want. It’s very easy to do such a thing and the process doesn’t take a lot of time.


In fact, using the Minecraft Forge to install mods for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9/1.8/1.7.10 is the easiest way you can get in new content for the game without having to wait a lot of time in order to access it. But how can you install the Minecraft Forge mods without any problem? Here’s a quick guide to help you in this regard!

• The first step requires you to install the Minecraft Forge. We created a dedicated guide on How to Install Minecraft Forge. Remember to run Minecraft before you install the Forge just so all the files are updated and worked on properly.
• Once you installed the Minecraft Forge you will need to download a mod. Just about any mod should work with the Minecraft Forge but it’s a good idea to check compatibility, usually most of the mods will have that!
• Located the App folder for Minecraft, doing that is simple on Windows because you just need to open Run from the start menu, type in “%appdata%\.minecraft\” and then you press Enter. If you use a Mac, just press and hold ALT, select Library from the top menu bar and then enter the Application Support folder looking for Minecraft. Add in the mod you downloaded in the Mods folder.
• When you open up Minecraft you just need to click the Mods button and then you will see the mod is installed here.