OreSpawn Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10/1.6.4

OreSpawn is a mod that adds quite a lot of value to Minecraft. It integrates a multitude of new characters, mobs, bosses, items and so on. It all comes down to having fun in Minecraft and with OreSpawn Mod you have the ability to play it just like an RPG. It’s a really interesting mod that helps you feel like a Zelda experience that you would enjoy.


With quite a lot of value to be had here and many features at your disposal, OreSpawn is indeed the ultimate mod for those want to breathe new life into the game. It adds a multitude of ore types, dungeons that you can explore, plants, dragons, large swords and a ton of other cool stuff.

It’s a wonderful addition to the already interesting world of Minecraft and it does add that interesting feel of exploration you want from a modern game. It all comes down to exploring the beauty of this world and having fun with it in your own way.


This mod is lots of fun since you can find new crafting methods, new items that you can use as well as many building types that you can enjoy. There are basically no limits to what you can experience with OreSpawn, because from riding dragons to mining in a dedicated dimension and creating your own farm, you can have it all here.

With so many tools at your disposal, great swords and a ton of new enemies, OreSpawn does tend to deliver a very good and exciting experience. If you are a fan of swords, RPGs and exploration, then this is one of the mods to install right now.

OreSpawn Mod Download