Tinkers Construct Mod for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10

Tinkers Construct is an innovative mod designed to help you build weapons and tools, ranging from the simple to the very complex. You can then modify your items, rename them and change them to suit your needs. Your tools remain within your possession until you delete them, which makes them a permanent addition to your toolbox. The mod is relatively simple to use, but does require a few specific steps, in the interest of you reaping the most benefits.


A varied mod

Tinkers Construct doesn’t limit users to one variety of tool or weapon. In fact, the mod allows players to craft ‘magical’ tools (such as a wand) that present new effects and unseen powers. What’s more, a lot of the tools can also help boost your performance as a character. You can craft items that allow you to teleport and move at an exceedingly fast rate, which means that the tools are more than just realistically functional.

Unexpected options

Because your tools remain in your inventory until you delete them, this means that you have an infinite supply of them. This can definitely boost your gameplay, and give the option to experiment a little more freely. You can change your weapons and tools by customizing them, which also gives your more ability as a player. There are huge amounts of combinations, to the degree that some users feel there are still some unexplored options available for you to find.


You can use your tools to unlock a world of new powers. For example, you can use your wand to teleport, or to place torches wherever you right click. You also have an option to use the Smeltery, where you can melt metals into materials for your tools, using sand and clay (and gravel). These are both tools that can help you progress in gameplay.

Convenient and fun

To craft items, you will need to use patterns, as well as specific crafting tables. Most users will recommend you opt for a pattern chest and a stencil table, which using the Part Builder, will allow you to craft the vast majority of tools and weapons. The creators of Tinker Construct are constantly updating this mod, and providing you with new options, including the possibility of customizable armor in the future. So once you’ve downloaded the mod, and begun to explore it, remember to check for updates regularly.

In order to install the Tinkers Construct mod, you need to first install Mantle. This is a launcher that provides many interesting features. You also need Forge, and both of these can be downloaded easily from various websites. Once these prerequisites are met, you can then download and install the mod.

Download Tinkers Construct Mod for Minecraft